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Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreements

These are necessary documents for you to keep your business’ secrets to yourself. If you are considering teaming up with another business to collaborate on a new product or service, to merge, or simply to exchange business ideas, I can help you so you do not give away your business secrets accidentally.

Can Use of Social Media Create a Contract?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media can be a great way to advertise for your company. However, you should use social media like any other advertising – without making guaranties or promises about your products or services – unless carefully worded – so you don’t give away anything or get sued for misrepresentation. You should also be careful about interacting with customers on social media if a dispute arises, because these messages and chats can be used just like email in court – anything derogatory or admitting an error can be used against you.  I can preview your social media ads and edit any problematic language.

The Battle of the Commercial Forms

Did you know that if you sign a purchase order, shipping receipt (bill of lading) or any “standard” form of a supplier or other business partner, you likely have created a contract that is spelled out (sometimes to your disadvantage) between the front and back of the form?  Ask for the other party’s standard forms (front and back) before you do business.  I can highlight and negotiate through potential problems.

Bank Loans

Banks use standard form loan agreements, which are written in the bank’s favor. However, I can review these forms before you sign them, point out risks for you and possibly negotiate better language in some cases.