Maurer Law Advantage

Individuals and businesses, especially smaller and medium sized companies, view legal services differently today than yesterday.  In today’s economic climate, clients are quicker turnaround of legal services with less cost.  The Maurer Law Firm strives to meet these changes by combining specialized expertise, and exceptional client service with bottom line-focused fees. Rob Maurer provides clients with a cost-effective alternative to the large law firm model, while providing the same level of expertise on many complex legal matters.

Expertise and Exceptional Client Service

You can come to the Maurer Law Firm for most of your legal needs. The Firm concentrates its practice in four core areas of law – (1) contract negotiation and drafting; (2) corporation, LLC, partnership and sole proprietor company formation, documentation and ongoing officer, member, partner and director requirements; (3) wills, trusts, financial powers of attorney and healthcare directives; and (6) real estate. Rob also worked with many other attorneys who can help you with other personal and business matters.

Rob provides exceptional client service. His clients receive superb legal advice delivered in a relevant, concise and respectful manner. Rob provides timely and consistent communications with clients regarding their legal matters. He also provides value added services such as training on a “no charge” basis. Rob has delivered such premier legal service on time in an economical manner for 20 plus years to individuals and businesses.

The Maurer Law Firm cares about the opinions of clients. Rob welcomes feedback from clients on how the he can continually improve the attorney-client experience for you. He believes that this two-way communication is the most valuable input to strategy development, and it allows the Firm to be more creative at helping clients solve business-legal questions and to constantly deliver superior service.

Bottom Line-Focused Fee Agreements

Many hourly rates often do not reflect the actual cost associated with performing a task, but are more a reflection of the overhead of a firm. We keep our overhead lower – and our rates lower – by utilizing technology, and coming to you rather than utilizing expensive office space for our meetings. The firm offers hourly rates, which are substantially discounted in comparison to large firms, or by entertaining a variety of alternative fee agreements, including: • Fixed, Flat Fees; • “Not To Exceed” billings; or • Blended or Hybrid Fee Agreements incorporating various fee structures. Under the fixed, flat fee arrangement, the Firm bills a client a negotiated amount per month for a set number of hours. This gives clients the comfort of knowing and budgeting what legal expenses will be each month, unless there is additional work the client wants or there is a big problem the client wants handled. If the client want additional work, the client pays a pre-negotiated rate per hour. Under the “Not to Exceed” billing model, the Firm scopes a discrete legal task, estimates the number of hours necessary to complete the project and present the client with a maximum hourly commitment. If the work results in an hourly requirement beyond what was originally estimated, the client pays no more than the initial not-to-exceed estimate.