Robert MaurerThe Firm

The Maurer Law firm was formed by Rob Maurer, a business and personal lawyer with over 25 years of successfully creating sensible solutions and helping clients achieve their goals. Prior to forming the Maurer Law firm, Rob worked hand-in-hand with individuals and companies, large and small, with established businesses and start-ups. From ITT to GE and Textron to Riley’s Premium Pet Products and PotentiaMetrics, Rob worked as a senior member of the Legal Department directly with the senior management of his companies and their customers.  Rob currently acts as outside counsel to a number of small and start-up businesses.

Rob will work for you by utilizing strong analytical, communication & negotiation skills, and will help you create value and avoid legal problems. Rob understands your need to concentrate on safeguarding your personal and business assets, not spending unnecessary time on legal issues.  Rob has worked hand-in-hand with front business managers, officers and owners. Rob understands your concerns from his own personal and professional experiences.

In addition to his law degree, Rob earned an MBA from the Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis and his undergraduate business degree with an Accounting major from Saint Louis University.

The Maurer Law Firm is convenient to you, wherever you are in Missouri. Rob will come to your home, office, or meet you where it is easy for you. Rob believes you should spend your time where you are most productive and comfortable – not traveling to see him, but actually working together.